shinar s. martin

My name is Shinar S. martin. Born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. My Facebook is Shinar S. Martin My Instagram is @Selfies_boo I enjoy relaxing at home and Free Hand writing My Thoughts. My hobbies include, being a hairstylist, A Fashion Stylist, Singing, and Watching Sports. MY all time favorite TV show is Seinfeld!! If I could change one thing in the world, it would be that No one would ever being homeless, Live on any streets, And always have a hot meal Day and Night!! I consider myself to be a genuine loving caring person. Someone who is full of life and excitement. A Person that will help anyone in need, a Persistent Strong will positive person, and someone who adores laughter. Family is very much so important to me.. Our name is everything and we will forever carry it for the things we do, the things we show, and the things we say. Family is Love and we are to be there for one another. To keep My Family Legacy alive is precious to me!! My bad habit I have is snoring extremely loudly when I sleep. I do not attend school or any college/University Courses. My idol is Angela Davis, for being the Courageous Black Woman she was to stand up for what was right no matter what!! And I look up to My Grandmother, for being such a supportive person a joyous person always. She is shows the True meaning of love. My dream Vacation, would be to spend a month in Africa, to humble me more, to see true Natural Beauty, To be enlighten on my culture personally.