spring 2018


Hello Spring.... Goodbye Winter
Spring has sprung!! It’s time for flowers, birds, and sunshine!! Time to finally break out those dresses, tiny sweaters and your favorite itty bitty shorts.  

The blue floral maxi by Rumorless Threads features a front slit for that easy breezy feel. This is the perfect maxi for casual all the way to glamorous. 

Grab your favorite tiny sweater, throw on a pair of shorts and you are ready to go from shopping with the girls to campfires on the beach.  


You can’t go wrong in this crushed pink velvet mini. The velvet on this dress is unbelievable soft and the rose pink is the perfect color for spring. 

You can find all these latest must haves at: 




Happy springing!!! 

Amy Elizabeth


1. Let’s see...I was born at Lake of the Ozarks, but I graduated from high school just outside of Kansas City, so I tend to call KC my hometown. I have two brothers—one is a music minister and guitar player in Jefferson City, MO and the other is a middle school principal in Mexico City, Mexico, and he’s also a drummer. My parents were both teachers who later became Principals as well.
2. Music has always been a major part of my life. Many of my family members have made their careers from being professional musicians. I studied classical music in college and graduate school, but I’ve always been drawn to singing blues, jazz, country, folk—more popular styles.


3. When you’re a musician, you’re always moving—whether that’s touring or playing for different organizations where you’re moving from city to city. The life isn’t always conducive to keeping a relationship together or even attracting the type of person who really wants to put effort into building that lifelong bond. Turn That Key is very much my own personal response to today’s attitude towards transient relationships, especially in the music industry. I always think people should do what suits them personally, but I think I was just feeling like today’s complications in life were really preventing me from developing a true bond with someone else.
4. I’m really excited about this next single and video. Stylistically, it’s very different than Turn That Key as it’s more of a rock-influenced tune. It’s also a kind of commentary on the state of our current society and what we choose to collectively champion as a whole and what we choose to ignore. That one should be released in May of this year.

Photo credits
singer / songwriter Amy Elizabeth
hmua Sasha Star
photographer Sherman Orendorf

Cassie Kerns #51 National Champion Uconn 2008-09

Cassie Kerns #51

Eating disorder awareness week… or whatever. 
Anorexia/ bulimia (cocktail of the two) = drug of choice
Helped cope with severe codependency issues and sexual abuse
Entered inpatient treatment at Selah House in April of 2010-July 2010
2010- current : learning what its like to actually live (yes I have had countless relapses, but that is part of the process)
The only way I survived was God and people


Addictions are hard. They have a root and often the root is hard to find for we allowed our yards and gardens to become overrun by weeds. To a point we cant even see our own hands. Ridden with anxiety.. depression… guilt… shame… all things that don’t come from light.. they come from the darkness. Only the strong survive. Only the ones willing to lay down everything they have, including everything that is most important to them, can survive and thrive. The ones that admit they have made a mess of things and submit to being changed, rewired, resomething. The ones that release their grip on the rope of control and fall into the light. For only light can reveal, expose, and heal the wounds that cover your soul. Light. Chose to live in the light. Its a daily struggle. Everyday making a conscious choice to make smart decisions even when tired/rundown.. for you know when you are mentally tired the enemy will attack harder. the voices will you have kept at bay will come in and play kick ball with whatever they find.


it is true. one day at a time. one moment at a time. Because if you look at the larger picture you become overwhelmed and toss your psyche into a clusterfuck. so breathe. take a moment… and realize what the goal is here. The difficult thing with Eating disorders… is you need food to survive. You cant quit cold turkey. Death. So everyday you spend time with the once so called enemy and speak truth to it.. say you have no control over me.. you are just food. You ask the questions of should I eat that? Shouldnt I eat that? Scared shitless because you have no idea if eating a cookie will turn into a complete out of control binge and purge? Asking yourself am I really hungry? I mean I havent eaten for 12 hours so i should eat something. And confessing years ago you sewed the mouth shut to the voice that tells you when you need food. So you don’t know if and when you are hungry. “ Just eat” they say. Skin crawling. Breathe.

You win battles and you lose battles. As long as you continue to stand up. Dust yourself off. Pick up the weapons and armor to fight once more.


I chose to get help, one.. bc i couldn’t successfully kill myself.. and two bc i couldn’t successfully kill myself I might as well try to fix the problem. I admitted I have nothing left in this fight and allowed people to walk beside me and help de-weed my garden. I chose to let people into my fortressed castle .. into my world, in order to expose the lies and the toxic trash I didnt clean up. The last guest I had was when I was a little girl. I owe my survival to God, family, and friends.. and to myself. You cant do it alone, for you were created out of love and to be in relationship with others.

Any way…I am saying eating disorders are real. Its not about food. Its about feeling in control when everything else is out of control. It helps to numb the pain. There is a lot more I could say and address… but i feel my summation will suffice. But also want to be hope to those that struggle. Allow the light in. Allow God and people into your hell….your bubble… your world. Its hard. Its messy. But … i promise you…. it will be the most beautiful, amazing, metamorphic THING that enters your life. It will change you. You will be able to feel again. Chose life. Chose Recovery. Chose the light. For you have a purpose only you can fill.

love- Cassie

Christmas boudoir photo shoot

. Christmas boudoir photo shoot

On December 10th, Sherman Orendorf and Sasha Star will be hosting a Christmas, boudoir photo shoot at
Focus on Studio 1123 3rd Ave SW Carmel, Indiana 46032
This Photo shoot is open to anybody that would like to give their significant other a
bad ass Christmas gift that will not be forgotten.  
Each participant in the shoot will have their makeup done by the amazing makeup artist  Sasha Star mua
Every person will also get to shoot 3 different wardrobe looks that they provide. 
After the shoot you will select your favorite 20 images from your session and
I will edit them and send you the digital files via Drop box within 7-10 days of me receiving your image choices. 
The cost of each session will be $200.
 To sign up use the BUY NOW
button below and submit your non refundable $100 deposit,
the rest of the session will be due on the day of the photo shoot. 

if you have any questions or concerns you can contact sherman via
Email: orendorfphotography@gmail.com
phone: 15743051738
facebook messenger: SHERMAN ORENDORF