Amy Elizabeth


1. Let’s see...I was born at Lake of the Ozarks, but I graduated from high school just outside of Kansas City, so I tend to call KC my hometown. I have two brothers—one is a music minister and guitar player in Jefferson City, MO and the other is a middle school principal in Mexico City, Mexico, and he’s also a drummer. My parents were both teachers who later became Principals as well.
2. Music has always been a major part of my life. Many of my family members have made their careers from being professional musicians. I studied classical music in college and graduate school, but I’ve always been drawn to singing blues, jazz, country, folk—more popular styles.

3. When you’re a musician, you’re always moving—whether that’s touring or playing for different organizations where you’re moving from city to city. The life isn’t always conducive to keeping a relationship together or even attracting the type of person who really wants to put effort into building that lifelong bond. Turn That Key is very much my own personal response to today’s attitude towards transient relationships, especially in the music industry. I always think people should do what suits them personally, but I think I was just feeling like today’s complications in life were really preventing me from developing a true bond with someone else.
4. I’m really excited about this next single and video. Stylistically, it’s very different than Turn That Key as it’s more of a rock-influenced tune. It’s also a kind of commentary on the state of our current society and what we choose to collectively champion as a whole and what we choose to ignore. That one should be released in May of this year.

Photo credits
singer / songwriter Amy Elizabeth
hmua Sasha Star
photographer Sherman Orendorf