Kelly Christine Lenker EFX athlete

Model: Kelly Lenker
fitness rep for EFX Sports
location provided by Ares Fitness Club
photographer Sherman Orendorf
Orendorf Photography

model details
Model: Kelly Lenker
location: Goshen, Indiana
Facebook:Kelly Christine Lenker

Do I have any hobbies? Yes, bodybuilding is my biggest hobby and hope one day to make it a career and I also have a passion for helping others in the fitness industry.

Who are my idols? Dani Reardon (women bodybuilder) Brooke Walter (women bodybuilder) Cammie Leal (women bodybuilder)

Favorite Food? My favorite food is a bacon hamburger with sweet potato fries

Favorite Show? Greys Anatomy

If I could change 1 thing in the world? I would change people's attitude and how they view each other and make people more supportive and happy for one another