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Cinci Ohio Stay Hungry Model Workshop

So you have been trying to break into the acting/model industry for the past year or maybe for the past 3 years and it feels like you’re stuck.

No matter how hard you try things just are not happening to actually make you go anywhere.

I could give you a bunch of crap about staying hungry and you just gotta keep your head down and keep going, and that would be true, because you do have to do that stuff.  BUT, there are a lot of short cuts and little tricks that nobody in the Industry is sharing because we all had to learn it the hard way;-)) well, guess what? August 22-23rd William WilletKarlie Kilmer,  and I, Sherman Orendorf are holding 2 4-hour workshop/photo-shoot where we will be going over all of these details,
the workshop will be heldin Cincinnati

7900 Blue Ash Rd, Cincinnati, Ohio 45236

William Willet will be covering acting and how to get signed by major agencies, and then what actually happens after you get signed. Because so many people get signed by one agency and they think life is over and they have made it when in reality the battle is just getting started. William will also be talking about how to keep $$ coming in, between paid shoots & commercials such as promotional modeling.                                               from William  "When i started in the industry, I had to learn everything myself. There were no workshops like this. After 2 years of modeling I got into the acting portion of the industry, i had to start from scratch. I am willing to share what took me 4 years to learn, in 4 hours"

Karlie Kilmer will be speaking on modeling freelance and having goals, and how to start working with designers and how important that can be in your career. She will also be speaking on getting published and what models can do to help get published.
      From Karlie "In my two years of modeling, I have had so many ups and downs. So many times that I have wanted to throw in the towel, but I had this little voice in my head telling me to keep pushing forward.. to keep staying hungry. I am so excited to share with you the importance of setting goals, how to maintain them, and how to achieve your dreams."

Sherman Orendorf will be speaking about posing and how to get correct facial expressions and also each model willshoot 2 different outfits with Sherman and will receive 10 images from the photo shoot
     from Sherman   "So many times I see models have great poses, amazing wardrobe, and their face is just not putting out the correct message to match the pose and feel of the image, I will be working with each person one on one to help them learn how to teach your face to do what you want it to when you want it to do it."

the cost for this 4 hour workshop is $125     

there is 1 time slot for this event

we will not be supplying a HMUA for this workshop

To RSVP for this event please make your payment of $125 by clicking the BUY NOW button below
(payment is none refundable)
There is no further cost for this event:-))) cant wait to see all of you there:-)))

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