sherman orendorf photographer

Sherman Orendorf

“Take nothing and turn it into something amazing”

Based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, photographer Sherman Orendorf values

the creative process of photography as his art form. Specializing in

commercial and editorial photography as well as portfolio building for

emerging models, Sherman is inspired by the passion for art, music and

raw artistic energy.

Since emerging as a professional photographer in 2012, Sherman first

began his career in videography before transitioning to fashion

photography. With the fortitude and tenacity he brings to each shoot, his

penchant for visual storytelling draws a loyal following.

As an esteemed published photographer, Sherman appreciates the

freedom his profession allows. No stranger to hard work when working with

each of his clients, Sherman’s thorough planning before each shoot is

evident with the superior quality of his published projects. His work can be

found in print magazines across the globe.

Through his mentoring of emerging models, Sherman provides the support

and vital resources necessary for successful career advancement. Future

plans for Orendorf Photography include advertising campaigns for global

brands, continued mentoring, and published projects.    

Flawless Magazine
Pump Magazine
Shot Caller Magazine
Mancave Babes Magazine
B-Authentic Magazine
Fetfan Magazine
Vanquished Magazine
Spiced magazine
                                            Embrace Beauty Magazine                                                    
                                                                                           Alpha Fashion Magazine                                                                                                 
                                            Unvealed Magazine                                                
                                     Aphrodisiac Magazine                                             
                                                                 Cest Moi                                                                        
                                            Tenebrous Magazine                                                       
                                   International Magazine                                           
                                             Vintedge Magazine                                                  
                                            Delicious Dolls                                                        
                              Fashion Couture Magazine                                       
                                 Proper Eye Candy Magazine                                     
                                            Vanquished Magazine                                            
                                                               Ar Leith                                                                 
Fashion Faces
Surreal Beauty Magazine
Bohemia Magazine
Bikini Magazine
Imperial Magazine
Beau Nu Magazine
Sassy Magazine
Aperte Magazine

DianKa Maresova  founder of Dianka DesignZ
erica lee founder of Grunge Beauty Couture
Berny Martin founder of Midwest fashion week and owner of Catou
Mariah Jackson

Ricky Wolbrom
Angel Olivera
Jealousy Jane
LH Coutour

Commercial Assingments::
Sorella Boutique
Elegant Designs
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
The Hair Dept
G2G Jewelry Couture
Jules Boutique
Becker Customs
Embrace Beauty Magazine
Unvealed Magazine